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Clark, Delaney & Tsang Dentistry
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Insurance Company Relationships :
United Concordia
Delta Dental Premier Plus
CareFirst - Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Anthem - Blue Cross/Blue Shield
DHA (Dental Health Alliance) - Fortis, Assurant
Principal Life Insurance via Ameritas
DNoA select Dental Discount Program

*Not every Doctor participates with every plan.
Please call (703) 391-2600 for more information.

Insurance Policy:

- We will bill your primary insurance company electronically the date a service is performed

  • If you only have one dental insurance this is your primary insurance.

  • If you have two dental insurance carriers, one of them is your primary carrier. It is your responsibility to call them, determine which is primary, and inform our office staff.

- Your estimated portion, (that part of your bill the insurance will not pay), is due on the date of service.

- If requested, we will send supplementary documentation and/or X-rays twice to your insurance carrier.

- If your carrier does not pay the balance of the charges within 60 calendar days of claim submission, this amount is due and payable by you.

- We will not contact your insurance carrier unless absolutely necessary for purposes of claim clarification. The primary responsibility for communication with the insurance company resides with the patient as it is your insurance policy.


1. We diagnose and perform treatment based on what we feel is appropriate, not what your carrier feels is appropriate.

2. If you have any doubt as to whether your carrier will pay a benefit on a given procedure, assume they will not and be prepared to pay for the service yourself.

3. We will not bill your secondary insurance carrier. This is your responsibility after your primary carrier has responded to your claim.  

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